Prayer Before Meals – Using The Alphabet Song to Help

Prayer Before Meals can begin with letters A-G of The Alphabet SongI recently heard a family with two preschool children sit down to breakfast and use The Alphabet Song as their prayer before meals. Since I am always on the lookout for fun new prayers, I complimented the family and told them I was going to use this prayer before meals also.

The mom-teacher in me also likes the fact that this prayer before meals uses The Alphabet Song to begin. My boys will learn this prayer quickly and thank the Lord, not only at each prayers before meals, but also every time they recite the alphabet.

I can see my 3-year old thinking of the Lord while he recites the alphabet in his public school kindergarten class someday. I picture my upper elementary and middle schoolers reciting The Alphabet Song and thinking of the sacrifices Jesus made for them as they work on alphabetizing and research. I imagine my high schooler thumbing through our giant book of colleges reciting the alphabet and thinking of the temptations Jesus faced in the short time He was here. (more…)

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