Beauty from Ashes – “Mommy, Fix the Flowers”

Beauty from ashes shown by a dead flower on a nearby bush.

Sometimes things must die so that we notice the beauty in other places.

“Mommy, please fix the flowers,” My heartbroken 3 year old recently begged. He was saddened by the loss of flowers that bloom on a nearby tree, and no matter how hard I tried to explain that they would grow again next year, my sweet little boy was still saddened. He wanted the pretty flowers to get fixed and he looked a me to fix what was broken.

It may sound silly to think of flowers as being broken. As adults, we often take for granted that flowers bloom and then die, but for a child, this can be a difficult, unfair concept.

“The flowers were SO beautiful Mommy.”

“They weren’t hurting anyone.”

“Why did they have to die though?”

I don’t know sweetie. I just don’t know. (more…)

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