Memorial Day Reflection – Be Thankful

Memorial Day - Be Thankful - American flag

We never forget what the red in our flag represents.

I want to take a few minutes to share what Memorial Day means to me as a single parent and why I can be thankful.

Single Parenting Woes

My Memorial Day reflection has me thinking about the plight of single parents. Single parents are often tired, overworked, underpaid. They often live in inferior housing struggling to do the jobs of two people. They work early in the morning to get children ready for school and late into the night, sometimes working 3rd shifts. Getting children into bed and the house cleaned up takes hours instead of minutes.

Their precious children often go to lower quality schools coming home to empty houses with no one to check homework or make dinner or be sure they shower, brush teeth, and have clean clothes. No one reads them bedtime stories. Children miss the security and love of having undivided attention and a consistent routine.

At the end of the long day, parents and children fall into bed exhausted and sleep too little, too often lying awake wondering how they can possibly do it all over again tomorrow with little hope for life ever getting easier. (more…)

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