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Perfect single parenting isn’t about perfect haircuts and professionally posed family portraits. After many tries this is the best we could do, and I am very happy with the results! Thank you Lord for these guys!

Are you the perfect single parent? Who is? This site isn’t about being the perfect parent, single or otherwise. Anyone who knows me knows I am a far cry from perfection. What mom of five boys is? What parent is?

My life is about frisking preschoolers for fear that they’ll succeed in sneaking in one of those frogs and it’ll go through my wash. It’s about prying lollipops from the floor mats of my car or finding an egg salad sandwich forgotten for who knows how long in the back seats – in June. It’s about  removing the cup (not the kind you drink from!) from my kitchen table AGAIN! It’s about grabbing a Twix bar for breakfast and a Snickers for lunch and blissfully believing that the cookie really is the same as cereal and peanuts really are a good source of protein. It’s about excitedly losing 10 pounds only to gain back 15 (and then blaming Mars Candy Bars instead of my own lack of willpower). It’s about wondering if I’m becoming a hoarder and then realizing it’s just the clean laundry that’s taking over so it can just be moved to the other side of the couch rather than put away. It’s about working up to three jobs, not covering daycare costs, and being too exhausted to cry.

And those are my best days.

Perfect parent? I am not!

So what is Perfect Single Parenting about?

It’s about living in God’s perfection rather than my own. It’s about knowing His plans are greater than mine. It’s about knowing His laws and His justice take precedence over our courts and my desire for vengeance. It’s about not succumbing to the failure and temptation and worries of my world. It’s about triumphing over feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.

Perfect single parenting is about speaking openly about the pain and the challenges we face while not giving in to the darkness. It is about allowing Light to fill my life and the lives of those around me, especially my precious children’s lives. It is about appreciating the blessings we have been given, reaching out to others, and lifting one another up.

Perfect single parenting is about living one more day with my chin held high. It’s about perfectly persevering in my quest to do, “the next right thing.” It’s about perfectly persevering, discovering joy even in times of the greatest trial. James 1:2-4 says,

Consider it all joy my brothers, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. And let your perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Because my life is also about more than the trials of being a single parent. I must persevere, taking the high road to get to what my life is really about.

It’s about secret notes slipped into my hand by tiny, sticky fingers. It’s about wet, sloppy, open mouthed, infant kisses. It’s about poopy on the potty dances. It’s about great outfield catches, big hits, and winning baseball games. It’s about just making the team. It’s about daily (okay weekly) devotionals and daily Bible reading. It’s about telling jokes and laughing hard and rolling eyes. It’s about singing at the top of our lungs and dancing with complete abandon heedless of the fact that we have NO rhythm and the fact that my children beg me to stop. It’s about feeling those skinny little arms around my neck in the middle of the night. It’s about finding strange self-portraits on your camera and laughing hysterically. It’s about teenagers pointing our ever increasing height differences every time they walk by me and knowing that I must be growing smaller because there is no way they could be growing so big and strong already. It’s about watching my boys become good men and being proud and thankful for all we have been blessed with.

It is about love, strong, unconditional, eternal, love.

James 1 was one of the first Bible verses I was led to after my husband left, and it kept me going. That is my goal for this website. I hope that through this site you find support, encouragement, healing, peace, and always something to laugh about as I share my life and what I have learned on this journey. Please feel free to contact me or leave your comments and stories too.

May God bless you in your quest for perfect perseverance.

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