No Way Out – The Moth in the Window

A moth sees no way out when on window

Instinct tells us to rely on our limited understanding. Follow the Lord’s way out instead!

Have you ever thought there was no way out of your current situation? That things will never get better?

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Is that what you are doing? What is it that you think will save you from the brink of your current disaster?

For me, I tend to think hard work and education will lift my family out of the current state of fear, exhaustion, and instability, but it has been over four years, and I some days I see very little hope of us ever rising above this point.

It seems no matter how hard I work, we continue our backward slide and, although many kind hearted people offer advice and suggestions, few can truly understand or offer real help. Often, I am not even sure of what to ask for. 

I See No Way Out

I see a future of working midnight at Wal-Mart making just over minimum wage and being exhausted forever. I see an unkempt house, not from lack of trying, but from long hours, five kids, and the hopelessness that says I will never be any better than I am now. I see bleakness ahead where I used to see Golden Opportunity and challenge.

When I feel there is no way out, what does God see?

The Moth in the Window

Have you ever watched a moth try to get out a window? He flies straight to the screen-blocked window and breathes deeply of the fresh air offered there, never realizing an open door is nearby. Once being pulled in to that fresh air, the moth refuses to look in another direction for escape. The moth becomes so locked in on what he sees as the only escape route, that he never turns around. Eventually, that moth will die there, only feet from freedom.

When you think there is no way out? What are you focused on? Where is your attention driven? My attention, hard work and education, are good things, but if they take my eye off what is really important, if they draw my focus away from God and my family, even those  become vices.

What Does God See?

I must trust God to open doors for me that I don’t even know are there. I must trust Him to lead me when I would keep butting my head against a blocked path. It means I must override my natural inclination and turn around. Look at things from another point of view. Work continuously on my relationship with the Lord so that I trust Him to show me the door, His right path.

What is your screened window? When you think there is no way out, do you turn to hard work and education for success, the arms of another human being for validation, a perfect house or sculpted body for pride, fatty, sugary foods for comfort?

Turn around. Look at things from a different point of view.
When there seems to be no way out, turn around and let God help you fly out the door!

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