A Child’s Understanding

“Hey Mommy, see that man?” my three year old was pointing to the large stained glass window showing Jesus being baptized by John and whispering in his not so whispery church voice.

“Yes, honey, I see Him.” I held my finger to my lips to show him he needed to speak quietly.

“Know what he does?” Kaleb still whispered loudly despite my efforts to shush him.

I glanced up at Jesus and John before smiling at Kaleb. I couldn’t wait to hear what miracle Kaleb would recall or whom he would remember to pray for.

“What does Jesus do buddy?” I asked.

I could already see the glimmer change in his eye and that should have been my first warning. My darling son who was just about to recite a perfect retelling of the Love that is Jesus raised his hands high over his head and brought them down with a SWOOSH! I know arms don’t literally swoosh, but I’m pretty sure his did as he began animatedly telling me about Jesus and what was happening in that picture.

“Jesus takes a BIG HUGE bucket of WATER and he (SWOOSH) dumps it RIGHT OVER THAT MAN’S HEAD!”

I raised my eyebrows and my peripheral vision caught the older boys snickering.

“No buddy, that’s John the Baptist who is dumping the water and, well, he’s not really dumping it. He’s…”

“Oh no Mommy. It’s Jesus and He’s dumping it on that poor man like this. This time his SWOOSH! is accompanied by his falling to the floor. I’m guessing he was showing the force of the flow.

There was no convincing him that it was Jesus being baptized or that the man was not dumping a BIG HUGE (SWOOSH) bucket on anyone, but it did get me thinking.

How sure Kaleb was that he was right! He was positive that John was Jesus and he didn’t even care who the man was getting te water dumped on him.

He did, sweet little soul, have concerns for the man under the water (I am thinking here that I should have more patience when I wash his hair in the shower. Like with most things, I was probably gentler washing the first kid’s hair than I am with this one! A side note to self :) ) but he refused to see that “dumping” as a good thing.

I wonder how often we make similar mistakes. How often do we turn to someone to fix our problems and that person is not God? How often do we get upset when our problems are not fixed either because that person just doesn’t care enough, has things of his own to deal with or simply because he is not powerful enough to heal us?

How often do we miss that Jesus is RIGHT THERE WITH US because we focused on someone or something else?

How often do we ask God to take away the pain of what is being “dumped” on us when perhaps that “dumping” is for a reason? God works for the good of all those who come to Him. Look at the verses surrounding the baptism of Jesus.

After Jesus was baptized, he came from the water and behold, the heavens were opened [for him], and he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove [and] coming upon him. And a voice came from the heavens saying, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” ~ Matt 3:16-17.

Imagine if Jesus had not allowed the baptism to occur. How many lessons would we have missed out on? How many of your ancestors were possibly standing around that very pool of water witnessing the descent of that spirit? How has that very baptism affected your life today?

I don’t know what difficulties you are facing, but take the time to look for God in unexpected places. Do not focus on what you think God should do or where you think He should be. Your Savior is humble and will appear when your heart and mind and soul are open to Him. He is there waiting for you and has a purpose for the dumping you are receiving.

God Bless…

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