Favorite Single Parenting Posts – May 2013

Perfect Single Parenting is Born!

May 2013 marked the launch of Perfect Single Parenting, and I thank you for joining me in this learning process. The beginning is often a bumpy road, learning to stand on your own, finding your voice, and I thank you for giving me this time to discover the focus and method of what I hope God will deliver through my words:  understanding, acceptance, strength, fellowship, peace, hope, love, and laughter.

I don’t have all the answers. I haven’t experienced every situation, emotion, pain, or victory, and so I am looking for others who to share their stories. We will deal with hard, often painful, injustices head on, but this will not be a “put down” site. We must share victories and joys using this site to “lift up” others. I appreciate feedback on your favorite posts as well as on what you would like to hear more about.

If you would like to contribute, please let me know! I want to hear from you and get your story out!

It is my goal to post every weekday, ending each month with a recap of my favorite posts and a challenge for the coming month. Let’s see if together, we can make this world better for Single Parents, for our children, and for the world.


Read the Bible Daily. The Bible is divided into very manageable sections. If you are not sure where to start, take a few minutes to ask the Lord to point you in the right direction. For more on Bible Reading check out that category.

Perfect Single Parenting Favorite Posts – May 2013


Balloons floating up church steeple to Cross

Happy Birthday – I Have Been Born Again! – My first post here! In some ways, May 10th will be a celebration of the birth of  a person I never knew I could be and a celebration of the incredible people surrounding me whom I would have taken for granted in my “previous life.”



A perfect pink bloom

When Mother’s Day Hurts – A Day of Mourning – May 10 – While May 10th is the day I began my “rebirth,” it is also a day of intense pain for me, a day I will forever mourn the loss of the baby Inever held and the husband I loved with all I had but had to let go. Because of these losses, I understand the sadness that accompanies Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for too many souls whose lives have not planned out they way they had hoped. May 10th will forever be the day I hold them most closely to my heart.


Happy Mother’s Day to Single Moms! – This path ain’t easy, but you can do it! May God Bless You and your children. Need I say more???



Jesus used his free will to die on the cross for us. Why wouldn't He use His power to bring my husband back?Bring My Husband Back – Free Will – Can I demand God do something for me just because I “Play by the rules?” Am I so perfect that I can override God’s allowing us free will? If God’s plan for marriage is to have one man and one woman united forever then why wasn’t He fixing things here?


Have you felt it? an abandoned stone firepl

Have You Felt It? Even though I know God loves His children and that He has a wonderful, perfect, amazing plan for each of us,I still have days where the Enemy seeps in. Sometimes it’s raw emotion coming through as exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, confusion, loneliness, sadness, and still hurt and pain. This post is an attempt to show the very tip of that dark cloud.


Memorial Day – Thank You to Fallen Troops – Single Parents of those in free countries are so much better off than those in Memorial Day - Be Thankful - American flagoppressed countries. We thank the Lord and our troops for that. If you have become a single parent through the loss of a Military spouse, we can never express our gratitude for your sacrifice. You are in our prayers.



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